The Italian Gamers: the next challenge for Daniele “IcePrinsipe” Paolucci

There is one more difficult thing than becoming champions: to remain champions

In Madrid, in 2017, Daniele “IcePrinsipe” Paolucci won the European title of FIFA, the most played football simulation in the world. At that moment the hardest challenge began for him: to repeat the results achieved after years of sacrifice. And after his game changed unexpectedly, as if the ball of a traditional football player suddenly became heavier.

Esport is also this: it is the ability to adapt quickly, to learn from one’s mistakes without breaking down, to understand how much individual success is based on a great team effort. Esport is learning the maximum to give the maximum. The first episode of Italian Gamers tells this: the work of icePrinsipe to stay at its best. Because there is a more difficult thing to remain champions: to be champions.
Fonte : redbull.com