MKERS ranks third and is confirmed as one of the strongest teams in the world

Waving the tricolor on the podium of the FIFA eClub World Cup thanks to Daniele “IcePrinsipe” Paolucci and Kurt “Kurt0411” Fenech, who won the third place tied with the insignia of Mkers, the only Italian team to contend for the $ 50,000 of the final prize .

Mkers is thus confirmed as a reference reality on the Fifa title, managing to compete on a par with the best teams in the world.

We are proud to have stood up to teams with more experience and consolidated systems, which allow them to compete at high levels all year round, as in the case of the French eLigue1 or the German Virtual Bundesliga. Unfortunately, in Italy there are still similar initiatives but we are sure they will arrive “, declares Thomas De Gasperi, leader of the Zero Assoluto and president of Mkers. “We are working to consolidate our FanBase, and its involvement, as well as successes like the one just obtained, are an important help in achieving this goal“, he adds.

The next challenges are scheduled for May 28 in Amsterdam, where Daniele “IcePrinsipe” Paolucci and Matteo “RiberaRibell” Ribera will represent Mkers to the qualifying playoffs of the Fifa eWorld Cup, along with 64 champions of Xbox and 64 of Playstation, to contend for 250,000 $ up for grabs and 32 places for the Grand Final.