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S-Venom one step away from the victory

POSTED BY Mkers Staff December 8, 2018

Ettore “Ettorito” Giannuzzi wins the PES EU Regional Final in Liverpool, beating in the final Emiliano “S-Venom” Spinelli of Team Mkers with a 5-0 round.

The great news is that two Italians are competing for a European title and this makes all the tricolor gaming proud. Ettorito has simply won yet another tournament on this game title and has confirmed the unbeatable man at international level, but this championship has given us a story to tell: a perfect screenplay with an ending that leaves everyone with a grin on his face , even those who have been defeated. Let’s take a step back twenty days and twelve hundred kilometers.

In Stuttgart you play the German Pro Evolution Soccer championship and in the final there are CL23_Leon against S-Venom. Emiliano wins 4-1 the first match and loses 0-3 the second, it goes to the beautiful. The game is very tight and the ending is the beginning of the EU Regional Final story. S-Venom wins 2-1 and the first thing that passes in his head is to shout in the face of the live streaming camera an insult in Italian (to be sure that the recipient understands perfectly) for Ettorito and shouts “… I come to take! “and then get lost in the hug of his coach Nicaldan. Naturally they all listened to Emiliano’s cry and he was especially touched by Ettorito who was soon to ask the Mkers and the interested party for explanations. Also heard the Konami admonishing, verbally and otherwise, S-Venom but now the damage is done, now the rusts of the past are back on stage and Liverpool will be the stage. In the days before the tournament Ettorito and S-Venom are focused on the final goals, because now they have become two: the first is to become European champion and the second is to exult in the face of the other.

The fate offers the first assist to the two, because group A is that of Emiliano while group C is that of Ettore. S-Venom closes to 7 points and second in the standings while Ettorito closes to full points. Luck is blind and you know, but this time maybe she wanted to see very well what was happening and sat on the sofa to enjoy the show, after placing the duelists in the opposite sides of the scoreboard and then if there must be the showdown will only be in the final. Quarterfinals ok, semifinal ok and the final? Well, of course the final is Ettorito against S-Venom, Celtic vs. Mkers! They sit in front of each other, an Italian against an Italian in the neutral English field and one will have thought “this really came to me!” And the other will have thought “I kept my promise, I came for you!” . The final begins but honestly it is not a great game because Ettorito is truly a “beast” on this game and S-Venom gives him a hand by naively giving away a couple of goals. It ends little by little but sincerely the story we wanted was already told and is a story of esports that will certainly continue at the World Cup, where the two guys will be again to weave the joypad … and we can not wait!