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POSTED BY Mkers Staff December 17, 2018

Luca “Pasti” is the winner of the Clash Royale tournament organized by Esl at the Vodafone Theater in Milan, thus lengthening his personal wake of victories, after the success in Lucca of Red Bull MEO.

A perfect tournament: right from the start Pasti makes everyone understand his great form, qualifying himself at the top of the board, the “winner bracket”. One after another he beat his opponents, risking only against DarkBull for connection problems, but in the repetition of the match he won the round and flies in the final.

The final thrill, even more because the challenger was just his team-mate Eslem “Bazaar“, back from an exciting recovery in the loser bracket.

After an intense series of games, the victory goes to Pasti, who is reconfirmed champion.

In fact, in addition to being a victory for the player, having two finalists to contend for the record was a real triumph for the Mkers team, which demonstrates upstream a great job of scouting, programming and training.

Great merit to Team Manager Alex “Invoker” Wang present at the tournament, who was able to support his boys in times of difficulty, and then sit comfortably in the audience to enjoy the show of the final.

Competitive on mobile proves to be one of the new frontiers of Export, bringing home the highest result as a response from the public in streaming and interest from industry sponsors.