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The partnership strengthens the team’s internationalization process

Milan / Rome, 11 July 2019My English School, enters the world of esports, thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Italian team Mkers, next to participate in the playoffs of the FIFA 19 Global Series and the national finals of the PG Nats of Rainbow Six Siege. The collaboration was signed thanks to Infront, a strategic and commercial partner of Mkers.

The partnership plans to create an innovative model to study and learn English, exploiting the terminology of the gaming world and associating it with the creation of digital content for a communication of the project in an entertainment key.

The agreement also provides for the organization of a road show within the group’s schools, located throughout the Italian territory and the participation of some Mkers players in training courses in English organized by My English School.

Thomas De Gasperi, Communication Manager of Mkers states: “For a team like ours, which aims to establish itself more and more internationally, the knowledge of a global language such as English is a requirement. We have already embarked on this path and much of our communication now dialogues in dual language, but the improvement and study is part of everyday life. For athletes it becomes a necessity to know English, in terms of creating content but above all during international events, in which the only language used is English.

Luigi Sguerri, CEO of My English School, says: “My English School has always been attentive to new trends, innovations and technical and technological innovations. We are ourselves, in the educational field, trend setters and innovators and today together with Mkers and Infront we feel we are contributing in an important way to the development of something useful, fun and original. My English School is proud to support those who play, but also those who follow esports.

We are pleased to have contributed to the finalization of the agreement between MYES and MKERS: for Infront it is fundamental to be able to support the team in its internationalization process, which through this partnership has all the elements to better communicate its positioning and its value” . – declares Jean Thomas Sauerwein, Managing Director of Infront Italy