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Mkers, Italian esport organization born in 2017, known for its path in sports games such as Fifa, MotoGP, Clash Royale and Street Fighter, puts the first step in the world of traditional esport, and chooses to do it really big.

The game is Starcraft II, one of the most long-lived titles, which boasts more than 20 years of history and a circuit of competitions among the most active and best organized.

To be able to impose itself in such a structured scenario, Mkers chose to acquire and expand one of the most solid reality on Starcraft II, the team Iron Chain, to give life to this new and ambitious section.

The official Mkers roster will be made up of five of the most popular and promising players in the world: the German champion Showtime, from Poland Nerchio and Soul, the French Ptitdrogo, and finally Krr directly from Lithuania.

We have waited a long time before investing in a” traditional ” esport title. I’m sure that we will confirm the international standards reached also by our other esport divisions – says Paolo Cisaria CEO Mkers I am convinced that Mkers is doing the right choices to position itself at the same level of the big foreign teams, considered that we have existed for less than two years.

After 5 years of success in Europe, both as a single and as a team, today we finally make a quantum leap and become part of Mkers – comments Hicham Diego Aazzi, Founder of Iron Chain – The international calendar is already full, starting from 24 February in which we will be in Katowice for the Intel Extreme Masters, in March we will fly to China for the World Electronics Games. We will work hard to bring great results.