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Rome, 27 July 2019, at the Olympic Theater the live finals of the PG Nationals 2019 are held, Rainbow Six Siege’s tournament organized by Personal Gamer, which sees the Mkers team dominate by establishing itself as champions of the Italian scene.

With a 3-0 win over Notorious Legends, the Mkers team consisting of Alation, Torok, Sloppy, Baka and Blurr, concludes a journey that began on June 4 at the online phases, ending unbeaten with a partial of 14 victories and a draw.

Amir Hajar, Mkers sporting director, says: “We are very proud of this victory. Our boys have proven to be at a higher level than the others, managing to remain unbeaten throughout the season, despite the commitments on the foreign front. Right in the international arena we are focusing our efforts, aware that the bar goes up a lot but that’s where the real game is played ”.