Lotto Sport Italia announces it will be technical sponsor of Mkers, the leading Italian team in eSports, together with Daniele Paolucci “IcePrinsipe” – FIFA 17 European champion – and the Brazilian Guilherme Gonzaga

 Montebelluna, 24 January 2018Lotto, the Italian leading company in the footwear and clothing industry for sport and leisure time, will be the technical sponsor of Mkers, one of the most prominent Italian professional teams in eSports.

After sponsoring the Italian and Spanish paddle tennis teams and the world’s most important youth tennis tournament – the Next Gen – Lotto’s entry into eSports shows the company’s ongoing commitment to researching and believing in new trends, especially those followed by young audiences.

As confirmed also by the International Olympic Committee in late 2017, eSports are officially “video games can be considered competitive disciplines in their own right” and therefore sports activities. eSports have thus been acknowledged for their steady rise in popularity and, above all, for their huge enthusiastic audiences from all parts of the world.

The worldwide turnover is of $700 million, with startling numbers of spectators watching the events: 209 million impressions from around the world. In Italy, the rapidly growing phenomenon counts more than 20 million gamers.

The Mkers team, which competes in different games such as FIFA, PES, MotoGp and Counter Strike, vaunts both well-known and emerging champions such as Daniele Paolucci “IcePrinsipe” – FIFA 17 European champion – Guilherme Gonzaga, Emiliano Spinelli “S-Venom” and Lorenzo Daretti “Trastevere73” (MotoGp17 champion). Among the upcoming events which will bask in worldwide visibility, and in which the Mkers team will be wearing Lotto Sport Italia footwear and clothing, are FUT Champions (FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM), a competition scheduled from 26 to 28 January in Barcelona, where Daniele Paolucci and Guilherme Gonzaga will be competing in the qualifying rounds of the FIFA eWorld Cup to be held in August.

The new two-year Lotto sponsorship also highlights the values of entertainment and active well-being. Indeed, being an eSports player requires a continuous and targeted physical activity to train responsiveness and sustained concentration and focus. It is an active and healthy lifestyle, aimed at achieving and maintaining physical and mental well-being while having fun and socializing through the physical activity.

“The sponsorship of the Mkers team – commented Andrea Tomat, President of Lotto Sport Italiaprojects us into a completely new sporting dimension that is garnering ever-growing audiences. Belying appearances, virtual competitions are sports in every sense of the word. Just like traditional disciplines, eSports require preparation, lightning reflexes, dexterity, strategic thinking, and intensive training – including physical. Being one of the few sport brands to specifically focus on eSports is another confirmation of Lotto’s evolving identity”.

As well as a team of eAthletes, Mkers is also an innovative start-up with the business mission of creating a Star System that can communicate to the over 2 million Italian (and not only) millennials who currently follow the main international Gamers.

“This is the first time in Italy – says Thomas De Gasperi, leader of Zero Assoluto and President of Mkers that an eSport team is linked to an international brand such as Lotto. Lotto has recently sponsored such football teams as Juventus and Milan, and is currently providing the strips to Genoa and many other teams around the world. This opportunity is an honour, but it is also the recognition of the work we’ve done so far in making eSports a reality. Who knows, perhaps in the not-so-distant future, one of our players can become a testimonial like David Ferrer or Luca Toni“.