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It’s Classic, recently the winner of the GSL Super Tournament, the new investment of Mkers in StarCraft II.

Kim “Classic”” Doh Woo, 27 years old, from Seoul, is the new Mkers investment on the Esport title which is one of the most famous and prestigious in South Korea.

A long standing career, began in 2012, which brought him to earn more than $400.000 in prize money, making him one of the greatest players of all time

Mkers StarCraft II team as of today formed by the two polish champions Nerchio, SouL and the german champion Showtime, grows in terms of prestige and in terms of opportunities, opening its doors to the competitive Korean Circuit.

“We have very specific esports goals” said Amir Hajar, Esports Director at Mkers. “Only one player with Classic’s experience and fame could best represent the international message we want to send.”

Stay tuned and cheer for Classic  tomorrow in its GSL Code S: Season 2 2019 debut streamed at