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We believed in it, we were many, in fact a lot to cheer on Daniele.

Rounds of final of the Amsterdam playoffs, direct elimination, with the winner of the qualification for the great London final of the EA World Cup Fifa 18.

Game ended in favor of the Swede at 120 ‘with a network at the last second of the second extra time. Italy against Sweden, what a joke of fate.

Now is definitely the moment of anger, but also the moment in which we celebrate the end of a season to be framed that has seen us protagonists in Barcelona, ​​in Naples, third in the world in the tournament for Team and Club in Paris and finally in Amsterdam.

We have always been there when the competition was at a high level and we are sure that the conclusion of this season is already the first step for the next one.

The export gives emotions, like it or not, for us and hundreds of thousands of guys is just like that.

Team Mkers.